At STR, we believe that learning about its founders is more than just knowing our resumes. Below are some of the things we want you to know about us from each individual themselves.  If you give to our facility, your donations are going to people who will use it to help Sea Turtles.  It is not a slogan for us.  The Sea Turtle Recovery is a passion that lives inside us.

Brandi Biehl, Co-Executive Officer

  I believe whole heartedly that a facility can only thrive if the people in it look at each individual animal as if it were their first and last to ever get the opportunity to save.  Each individual matters.  They will always matter, and until its release, I will be dedicated to its care. The thought that has lived in my heart is this:  When looking into the eyes of marine mammals and sea turtles, it’s not about whether or not they know me.  Instead, when looking into their eyes, it is how I know myself.   I have had a blessed career and been able to research bottlenose dolphins, excavate sea turtle nests, save seals from the brink of death, etc.  I had to learn a lot along the way, and I know there will always be new ways to grow, learn, and develop my skills.  However, I think I am finally ready to share my knowledge with future generations, and I know I am now equipped with the ability to start The Sea Turtle Recovery.  I can’t save these beautiful creatures alone, and I am excited to meet people wanting to see sea turtles come off the endangered and threatened species list just as badly as I do.